My mac cd will not eject

Hopefully one of these methods works which could save you time and possibly money. After getting frustrated with several other methods for over one hour, I decided to try No. One shot and the cd is out! Do not type: Tried it all. I think the double stick taped cardboard pulled it closer to coming out. Then, after I nearly gave up, I inserted two butter knives in the drive and was able to sandwich the disc in between and yank it out.

Thanks so much! Many thanks! Just did method 10, the cardboard trick. Worked like a charm! Thank you! I had been browsing solutions for awhile stressed about the repairs for this stupid CD and after trying everything I came upon number 8 and it slid out like magic!!! I honestly cant thank you enough!!!!!!! Once it got into the loop, nothing would work and Disk Utility kept saying the DVD was in use so would not eject. The Paper trick worked. I pushed a sticky note into the slot, this made the DVD stop turning. I was then able to use the eject button.

Came across your info. Number one worked right off the bat! Sooooooooo Happy!!!!!!! So nice! For me worked way Nr 2. Before I was getting mad with this piece of junk. I have tried many options before but nothing. So with A Nr 2 works fine. Huge thanks for author for all those tips…. Hi guys Force Eject Tool did it straight off this is apple stuff when it work ok when it does not then just ask thank you for the tip. It worked with the ForcEject app, while holding it sideways and pressing my finger on the bottom of it!! Still cannot get my system to re-boot but that is a different story.

I can always get the discs out by restarting and press the ejection button…. Of course I wonder why. It worked!!! I turned my Mac upside down, tilted in a 45 degree angle, pressed the eject button and shoke it a little….

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Thanks for the tip! Greatly appreciate it: Option 8 worked. I tried it intermittently and one day it worked! But this is cheaper than taking the macbook pro to a service centre. Number 9 worked! Turned MacBook Pro upside down and shook it excessively while it did the whirring ejection and disc came out. Thank you for the tips!

What finally worked was a birthday card inserted so that the one disc that was showing just a wee bit was between the two parts of the card, making a disc sandwich between two cardstock pieces of bread. No damage to the discs! Tilting my Macbook to a 45 degree angle after hitting the eject button on my keyboard worked on the first try! Thanks for the tip: After many attempts and after having given up and put everything away, I decided one more try!

So, I held it, opening facing downward, pressed Eject from file menu and it popped right out. Thanks for your suggestion to TILT it! I had a mini cd stuck in my MacBook…my son tilted the laptop so the side with the dvd writer was facing downward and then he shook it. Voila, the mini cd fell right out: Thanks a bunch! Number 10 worked. I used a index card pushing it all the way to the back.

Not only did one CD come out but two!!! Thanks, nothing worked until the last one — credit card was too small, but I used a folded commercial letter, pushed it gently right in as far as it would go, heard a click and when I pulled it out the disk came too. Now I just have to try again so see if a cd actually works! The method of holding the trackpad button down while booting got my CD out. Any help? Well …after two hours of reading how to problem solve with NO results, I found this article and Duh!

It was stuck under my thin computer and the fan it sits on!!! I feel like such a duffus! It was the clearest one out there and you could say, even though my stuck CD was under the computer not in it, that indeed it solved my problem so Thank You! I used methods 8, 9 and 10 combined. My computer kept on making loud sounds when the disc was inside. And now, it finally came out! Thanks again! Thanks I used no7, my stuck disk had not been recognised by the mac, it was one of those small disks, so on eject on upturned machine less than 1mm protruded from the drive, a metal tooth pic was needed to pull it from the drive as the space was too fat for tweezers.

Wont be putting this sized disk in the machine again! None of these options worked for me, the only thing that saved me was going into Disk Utility and unmounting the dvd first and then ejecting it through Disk Utility. Thank You Thank You!!!!! For anyone who tried everything to no end, I found what works EVERY TIME for me now is to hold the macbook at a 45 degree angle while spamming the terminal eject command as fast as possible by using the up arrow key and enter, then eventually the edge of the disc will pop out but be quick and grab it because it will go back in.

I have been trying for three hours to get this disk out. I could hear it trying to eject, but it would never come out. As soon as I turned it over and ejected, it popped right out! Thank you so much! Tried almost all of them without any luck until Then, it worked and the CD came out.

Thanks so much. I independently came upon 9 on my own; using the force of gravity along with the defective ejection motor worked and the disk did pop out for removal. That was so easy. Used the OS X and it worked, no sweat. Love YOU. The Force Eject tool software was easy to download and effectively removed the CD!!! Carefully slid card stock corner with tape in drive so that it was on top of the disc and pushed the eject key.

Real smooth… Powered up Mac Book Pro and held finger on mouse— disc came right out. Thank you!!!! Thanks so much for this thread, because of you and the collaborative effort of comments I got my installation CD back: The mouse button held down on boot up worked for me. I tried many of these options to no avail; however, I eventually flipped my Macbook upside down and simultaneously pressed the eject button and presto…out it popped!!!!

Maybe it was a combination of the attempts? Just happy to finally have the disc ejected! Thanks — I tried several different things but eventually the disc drive ejected the DVD on its own. The computer had to be up and running for about five minutes before it took the action on its own.

I was just getting ready to try the tilt method…. It worked! Half a Hallmark card in the slot with the disk, turn it off, wait a minute, turn back on and the disk automatically ejects without a command to do so! Muchas gracias con todos! Thanks man! Inspired by 3 , I just inserted credit card into the slot and moved it for a while inside. Thanks for this. I just tipped it forward, as suggested, and it slid out. Might have saved a timewasting trip to the Mac Shop.

Saved me true hell Raymond. Mad Respect. Thanks for all the tips for future referance. I got mine out by pressing the F12 key while booting. Thank you I used costa caffee reward card: You have to stick it pretty deep though. It worked Thank you!!!!!

Mac OS X - Force Ejecting a CD

Saved my day. Thank you thank you thank you for saving my night! Thank you so much!! I tried to do the duo thing of both mac and windows, and while doing windows it got stuck and i could not stop it from constantly trying to setup windows…. Suggestion 4 worked just as described above. I turned on my Macbook and let the DVD spin for about 10 minutes.

After that, the disc automatically ejected and the OS booted normally. Thanks for saving me a trip to the repair shop Raymond! I inserted it into the slot and squeezed the upper and lower surfaces together by hand when it was most of the way in, grabbing the mini disc from above and below and pinching it between the two surfaces.

After about three quick tries I pulled the CD right out. Inserting cardboard while holding down eject popped the DVD right out. Thanks again for your help! This worked.. Thank YOU!!!!!!! Thanks you so much. I was about to cry, its my dads laptop, if I had broken it man I would have been busted. So thanks. I tried for over 2 hours to eject a disc and after reading this I restarted computer and held down touch pad. Thank you so much, prob saved me hundreds in unneeded repairs!

Hey, I took it to the apple store and the guy got it out in literally 60 seconds. What the guy did is he took two business cards made of cardboard, not plastic and put one on the upper brim of the cd slot and one on the lower. He did it about twice gently and bam, cd was out.

Good thing I scrolled down to read enough comments to reach yours, because the other methods do NOT work for those of us with a metal casing that is bent down over the drive! Thanks for saving me a trip to Apple store! It seems like many found this useful. Thank you, holding the track pad worked for me! I tried everything and finally that worked! I was so close to throwing it out the window and having an even bigger problem! The tilting one work a charm for me. I used an index card and followed your instructions. CD came out and it booted right up after that!

Thanks so much!! I just saved my self a hundred dollars!! You are a God send!! I used one of my kids flash cards and tried what you said to do and it worked! Thanks for the help. Restarting the computer while holding down the eject button finally got mine to come out! Wow, I was freaking out. Disc stuck but my MBP booted fine, no issue there. The master had a label printed with a printer very thick i suspect that as culprit.

No genius bar visit for me!!! THAT worked, after many other unsuccessful attempts. Anything worked with mine to eject the dvd and I had to TURN the macbook pro OFF not just restarting it and then press the touchpad button and the button eject at the same time. Thank you for your recommendations. They were really helpful. Vielen Dank.

Thank you so much for your advice. I looked all over the help systems and discussions and nothing worked.

How to force eject a disc from your Mac

Dec 8, 4: A modification of this technique worked for me. I was able to command the Macbook to eject by using the eject button but the disc would not slide out it seemed like it was slightly out of alignment or something. I took advice Rogers advice and pressed the eject button and turned the laptop so the slot faced the floor. Newton's law of gravity took over and out came the disc. I was not at the frustration point yet so no shaking took place.

Hope this helps someone. Jan 1, 1: Jul 19, 6: Brilliant Advice. Tried all of the instuctions and none of them worked. However when opening up Terminal and typing in the command as advised it seemed to do something as it made the noise. I fund that there was no disk in there but it was now allowing for a disk to be inserted. Aug 8, Aug 14, 2: Oct 10, 4: Thank you!!! So grateful to Kappy! We all love Kappy! Three cheers to Kappy! But really- saved me. Nov 15, 9: This really helped me.. MAC was trying to eject the disk, i could hear the noises of a disk being ejected but no disk came out until i tilted the mac with the slot facing the ground and gave it a shake.

If you have already tried holding down the Eject key on your keyboard to no avail, try these tips to ditch that pesky DVD from the drive:.

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  3. Standard Ways to Eject a Macbook SuperDrive!

If you have a really stubborn stuck disc or CD, you can also try the following. This tip was sent in by an ex-Apple genius:. Did the above tips not work to eject the disk? Be careful not to damage the disk or your drive though! Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. I have successfully gotten a jammed CD out of an MBP before by using a credit card and a plastic knife.

Does not work. Tried the above and a few others on forums for Ctrl S, E and holidng keyboar. NO effect ; no sound to eject. DVD is not recognized and does not eject. I understand that if the CD is stuck you have to get it out somehow, but yikes! Next time, if possible, try this:.

If 4 fails try the eject key. Or, if that fails, eject from disk utility under the utilities menu. I know this is a post from a while, but are you still bumhurt? The credit card worked for me today like a charm. Cheers mate! I really got panicked as i loaded a disk with a plastic cd cover…I did the card and use eyebrows pliers to help out it seems to have worked. Thank you……. Thanks so much, my disc has been stuck a few days now.

I tried the thin cardboard a bookmark actually and it worked, when nothing else did. I stopped the disc from spinning, did a force shut down. Thanks again and Bless the Lord Jesus Christ. You saved me forcing a teaser in there to force it out or using thin plastic with sticky tape on it — because your first suggestion worked. The terminal solution worked like a charm and I had the benefit of making me feel like a real Geek.

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BTW u need to stick the credit card all the way in for it to work.. The last option while using the terminal worked for me after hours of trying and trying and trying everything I could find on the internet. The business card was a great idea.

Mac OS X - Force Ejecting a CD

Took a few tries with terminal, but finally worked. No more DVDs for this Mac. Do not try to put credit cards and knives and anything else into the drive!!!

Thanks so much! I inserted a mini disk by accident in the disk drive and it is stuck. All the options above did not work because the disk probably went on a side and it is stuck. Any ideas? Thank you for any help. Thank you so much for this. The first suggestion worked like a dream. I shall be bookmarking this page in case it happens again. I popped an old music cd in my Macbook Pro and it locked up in my drive.

It would not come out for anything and also prevented my mbp from booting up after I restarted. The drive would just spin and spin. Nothing worked in terms of holding down different keys. After seeing your write I stuck a gift card in the drive on top of the disk and held down the track pad for like 30 seconds and whaa laah…the dam disk ejected! I think if it all fails just let it be and eventually it will come out.

Mine just started up and ejected the CD after 3 weeks of being jammed… I almost cried…. I had this situation 1 hour ago. After From there on, repeat 5 a few times until you can grab it by the fingers. Overall, the problem is a design one: No wonder that engine cannot eject a CD!! Tried everything but nothing worked……..

Gently inserted it into the drive. Wobbled it about a little for it to stick then gently pulled it out!! Thanks all….. Thanks soooooo much for the cellotape idea. Did the right click on macbook pro and turned on side and shook. The CD came out, thank you for the info.

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Thanks a million guys!!! I thought I wrecked my boyfriends MBP. He would have killed me!! The DVD stuck for almost an hour, could not force anything to quit, tried everything in panic, and finally, in the 2nd try to reboot and held down the trackpad of my MacBook Pro, it worked! Thanks a million for the info, you save my life!

Rebooted with the trackpad pressed, CD slot down and a gental shake produced the wayward CD! I fought with this stuck DVD and the color-wheel of death for 45 mins! But still…. The ONLY thing that worked for me-after weeks of trying-laminated business card slightly pushed down-then terminal and voila. So frustrating! I tried everything but nothing worked until I stuck a small piece of cardboard in the drive to stop the disc from spinning, then held down the power button to force shut down. Pressed the power button again to start up while holding down the trackpad button and the disc popped out!

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  • Such a relief and thanks for the tip. Worked like a charm. I saw this in another forum and worked for me: Wake the computer after it has gone to sleep. When I put the Mac to sleep in Step 2 and then did the wakeup, I could hear the SuperDrive starting up and trying to access the disk. Used the business card trick to insert, press down so it stops — well, macbook pro sucked in my business card, too. So keep a good grip on that. But restarted with trackpad pressed down and cd popped out enough to be grabbed with tiny tweezers or alternative tools.

    So I guess the bcard in there was enough to jar it loose or even it out or whatever. The card is stuck in there now, but everything runs fine. Screw it. Restarting and holding down the track pad got my old cd out! I tried everything and that did the trick!