Baked mac and cheese with campbells cheddar cheese soup

Definitely a family favourite. I really liked this recipe. I aded extra shredded cheese throughout and added more on top with the bread crumbs, and used a full bunch of green onions. The addition of tomato and green onion is great, my family really enoyed this. By submitting, I agree to the terms and conditions. Products you'll need: Mix bread crumbs with margarine and sprinkle over macaroni mixture. Looking for MORE cheese? I would make this again. Was this helpful? Your Rating: But will use the 7qt.

Hello Rosie. Is there a substitute for the condensed soup or can we leave it out and just add more cheese? Thanks for sharing your recipe! You can use velvetta, but I think that the soup is much better. Thanks for the recipe! Ok, there seems to be alot of confusion about how many ounces or lbs equals 3 cups of macaroni. I searched the internet and no one can agree.

So on your video I saw a 2lb bag of macaroni did you use the entire bag or measure out 3 cups from that because I want to follow the recipe exactly. This is in my crockpot as we speak. Hi, this looks A-Mazing in your photos but I have a questionI usually use Gryere in my mac and cheese do you think I can use it wit yhthis recipe? And I have read some recipes crockpot recipes that say if you have a smaller crockpot with just the HIgh and Low settings the recipe doesnt work well do you think I can use your recipe in my smaller crockpot with just the High and Low settings.

Thank you so much for sharing. There is this soul food place where I live and I had their mac and cheese white cheeses at a catered event. It was the best mac and cheese and I have experienced different ways and cannot find their way. It melted it your mouth, it was so good! Would you happen to have a similar recipe? It seemed like they topped it with yellow cheese but underneath all that was white cheeses.

Hi Rosie this is currently cooking in my crockpot it looks so good. I have a question. Can I double the recipe in the crockpot? I have a 1st bday part this weekend for my son and I want to make it as a side but I need it to feed like people. What do you recommend? Do you think adding cooked ground beef in the beginning would effect the cook time or creaminess at all? Can any type of pasta be used? If I want to use shells do I need to adjust cooking time?

Hi Rosie, This recipe looks so yummy and easy! Can I triple the recipe? And if yes, how much additional time should I cook it? Thanks, Allyson. I doubled the recipe. It was amazing. Lots of compliments. Thanks for the recipe. When You are talking about doubling the recipe are You saying to double All the ingredients? I made this on the fly this week as a last minute side dish.

I followed the recipe to the tee except I used extra sharp, regular cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Made this for me wife and I. Used 5x cheese. She said it was just like her grandmother made. I prepared this recipe for 11 people this weekend. I followed the recipe exactly.

Thanks, Rosie!! I made this a couple weeks ago for the family and it came out so delicious. The cheddar cheese soup really made this recipe exceptional, thank you so much for this recipe. Thank you Rosie and keep cooking girl. Hi Becky! I have plenty more recipes coming, so stay tuned! Do you think wheel shaped pasta would change the cooking time? Everyone loved this — kids and adults combined! So very easy and yummy! Great for parties! If I wanted to add some sort of chopped up meat, how would you recommend I add it so that it heats up safely?

Would I brown them first, then throw them in the cooker with everything else? Would three hours on low be enough time? Hi Phil! You can add smoked sausage in with during the last 30 minutes of cooking. As for ground beef, make sure that you brown it first, drain the fat, then add it in during the last 30 minutes of cooking. I am going to play it safe and get 2 cans. Thanks for sharing! Can I triple the recipe and use an 8 qt crock pot? If so, how should I adjust cook time? Can this recipe be doubled? I can do them at separate times if you think I need to do them one batch at a time.

Will add some bacon to it! Is it okay to use a white cheese ….. Can this be doubled and still come out good? Thanks for posting this! Can I substitute something else for the cheddar cheese soup? Only because I forgot to buy it at the store. I found this recipe a few days ago,and decided to make some in my 2. The soup can here in Canada is 10 ounces,so I used it all and used a bit less half and half. I used smoked paprika.

Campbell's Cheddar Cheese Soup

It was so quick and easy to put together; it was delicious,my husband loved it too! Thanks for sharing this recipe! Hi Ramona! So glad that you were able to work around the recipe, with ingredients that you had on hand! Please help me with this. Try making a homemade cheese sauce.

Tips to Make Creamy Mac and Cheese

I have several other mac and cheese recipes with homemade cheese sauces. Ok so how long do I cook it for? I made this yesterday for a work potluck. It was so easy, inexpensive, and tasty. It was absolutely best right when done creamiest but we still at on it all day long. Thanks so much! Thanks so much. Hi Rosie, I know this is going to be a delicious recipe! Do you think I could assemble the whole mixture, store over night in fridge, pop it into crockpot in the morning and top with remaining cheese?

Any advice is appreciated. Hi Rosie! Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. I made it for a work potluck and it was a hit! I have been making oven baked mac and cheese for years, but this Thanksgiving I will be saving oven space with this slow cooker mac and a fried turkey!! I will also use Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese and muenster cheese this time around.

Plus a smidge more seasoning. I want to double this recipe and my crockpot is 6 quarts. Will that be big enough? Just in case anyone else should ask the question about a 6 quart being big enough for a double batch. It just fits! I tried it this morning and it worked! Thank you for the recipe! Thanks so much!!! Thank U, Thank U, Thank you! I already started making it and used the measurements as listed. It smells great! Hi Rosie. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I would like to one and a half times the recipe. Do you think that would fit into a 5 qt crockpot? My family likes the extra sharp flavor at times.

Should I stick with Sharp or try the extra sharp? I do not want to over power the recipe.

Yummiest Ever Baked Mac and Cheese

Plan on making this for Thanksgiving and needed a crockpot because I only have 1 oven and it will be used all day for other things. What do you think sharp or extra sharp cheddar cheese? Thanks for sharing your recipe. Looking forward to trying it. Hi Judy! I think you should use whatever you family likes. I personally like sharp cheddar. I have a question because I really want to try this for Thanksgiving it will transport so easily. Do the noodles get too soft is it really mushy?

I accidentally got Colby jack cheese instead of colby. Will that be ok, or I have some medium cheddar? Loved this recipe. I have a 6 qt oval crockpot. It also prevents the cheese from melting smoothly in recipes like this. Definitely subscribing and excited to try more of your recipes!! I could only find the smaller size. Making this today or tomorrow so you would be my hero if you were able to get back to me. Thank you Love!

I made this today for our office potluck! Great potluck idea! All my co-workers enjoyed it! I was nervous about making crock pot mac and cheese but it came out so delicious! I used Pepper Jack cheese and Sharp Cheddar. Everyone loved the zesty kick. Also great idea using the cheddar cheese soup! Thank you for this recipe girl! Suggestion on how to make it creamier now after the fact? Oh darn. However, I did warn ya. Not sure if adding cream cheese would help. It may make it worst, as far as taste.

Can I mix everything together without cooking it and tracel an hour to my destination then cook it?

Baked Macaroni & Cheese

Would it be ok? I am looking forward to trying some recipes. I wanted to know, if you had a preference for the baked or slow cooked mac n cheese? Are there any noted differences between them? Hi Dana, I love all my mac and cheese recipes. However, when I cook for large crowds I prefer to use the slow cooker mac and cheese. Less ingredients, less fuss. This is currently in my crockpot! Happy Thanksgiving! I am impressed!!! But this recipe is a winner for sure.

It still has the traditional taste to it that the holiday crowd enjoy!!! I will keep this as a new ingredient and modern traditional way of making baked mac and cheese. I made this today and it came out great! Creamy Mac and cheese. My mom always makes the old fashioned mac n cheese and I showed her a lil something today with this recipe lol. We love it thanks!! Happy Thanksgiving. Needless to say, I plan on making it again! Hey Rosie I cooked this in my crock pot the other day it was great.

Can j boil the pasta and ad the cheese and sauce to the cooked pasta already??? I tried it and it was amazing!!! Your the best thanks Rosie it was a big hit I had to hide the rest for myself so no one would get into it. I made this for Thanksgiving and it was a big hit! I finished this with a couple minutes under the broiler to give it that crispy brown, just out of the oven look. It was perfection. This one was perfect! The crockpot is really great for Thanksgiving since the oven gets so full! Thank you!!! Made this on Thanksgiving.

Except I baked it instead. I was pressed for time. It came out great. Everyone loved it. My husband even said it was better than his moms. Very easy to make. Will definitely make again. I plan on making this tomorrow. How big of a crock pot are you fixing this in? And does it fill it up? I believe I have like a 6qt maybe. Sorry if someone else has posted this there are so many comments.

Thank u! I made this and it was delicious. I plan to make it again for Christmas dinner. I am thinking of making this Christmas morning. I was wondering if I cooked it at home right up to the 3 hours then unplugged it and drove home, how do you think it would do? Any suggestions? I really want to use the blocks instead of the packaged pre shredded cheese. Made this yesterday.

It was wonderful. I have a 5 qt slow cooker. I made this mac and cheese for Thanksgiving and will be making it again for Christmas dinner. Everything about it was so delicious and so simple. I followed the recipe exact. Sure beats that baked monstrosity my sister in law used to bring lol. Thanks for a great blog!!

I made a double recipe for a pot luck at work — yes I literally made it at work. Threw everything in the crockpot in the morning, turned it on, and it was ready for lunch. It was fantastic, just about the only dish that got completely eaten. Not only do I recommend it but others have asked for another appearance of this. Great recipe — a keeper for sure. How large was your crockpot? I want to double the recipe and have a 6qt. Do you think this will be large enough? So glad I came across your recipe! Wish me luck in the kitchen!

I love to cook but find timing dishes quite tricky. I made this recipe last week for my Office Christmas Luncheon. The mac and cheese was a hit!! I used Gouda, Havarti and Kraft Triple Cheddar shredded vermont white cheddar, sharp and mild cheddar with cream cheese. The only thing I did do different other than the cheese selection is add Cayenne pepper to spice it up a bit. Other than that, this recipe will be used again for Christmas Dinner for my family. I know this sounds like a crazy question… I am bringing this as well as scalloped potatoes to the family dinner on Christmas day, would this mixture work to make the scalloped potatoes layering potatoes, onions and cheese sauce, with longer cooking time of course?

Hi Rosie, Tried this last week, and it was delicious. Will make it again and try different cheeses. Thanks for the videos as well. Can you have this recipe ready to go the evening before and then cook it in the morning? Leave for work at 3AM and the pot luck is at 9ish.

Thanks for the help. Hi Rosie, I was told not to make a new recipe for guests or outings. I made this first time for a work lunch today and went home with an empty crock pot. Thanks, Joel. Found this recipe on Google. Grabbed my crockpot this morning and stopped on my way to work to get the ingredients. Cooked it right at my desk! Could not have been easier! And everyone is raving about the dish! Had several requests for the recipe. Thanks for saving my butt! Looking forward now to trying some of your other recipes. This is delicious!

And I love not having to cook the noodles! This is an easy, but delicious mac-n-cheese recipe. The family loved it and it was even better the next day. Thank you sharing. Hi Rosie, I just had a quick question. My crackpot setting are for 2,4,6,8, and 10 hours for high or low. Since the recipe asks for 3 hours on low, can I put it for 2 hours and leave the rest warm? If I could leave it for 4 hours on low I would but I have church tomorrow morning and I need it by noon to be ready…. I made this today and it came out perfect!! Im servicing it with your roast chicken.

Love the recipe and have made a couple time with one change. If you like a little spice I changed the Colby cheese to Pepper Jack cheese. Everything else just the same and comes out perfect every time. Never any leftovers in our house. Made this today for a work potluck. I used pre shredded cheese and I thought it was fine both taste- and texture-wise. I used smoked paprika which is one of my favorite spices. Only one tiny spoonful left aft the end of the day!

Creamy Mac and Cheese | Cook. Craft. Love.

Great recipe! Hi Rosie — I made this recipe yesterday, fresh grated cheese, and only added garlic powder, paprika and pepper, definitely no salt needed. This dish was the hit of our potluck!! Glad to add this one to my favs!! Have you ever added eggs to your dish? I have southern baked macaroni and cheese recipe , and I use eggs in it.

This recipe, does not require eggs: Made this for a work pitch in. I was a bit nervous to take it in and feed it to co-workers without ever having tried it before. Lots of compliments and no leftovers made it home. Which meant I just had to make another batch to enjoy all to myself! This the ooiest, gooiest, and yummiest Mac and Cheese ever!! So delicious, and completely fail proof if followed correctly.

This is my go to site when wanting a great recipe! Made this for Sunday dinner and it was absolutelyyyyyy delicious!!! Super easy. Sop excited for leftovers! So delicious! I made this to accompany our New Years dinner and I am making it again. This is so good and cheesy and creamy! Everyone kept raving about how good it was! I made a double recipe, and 3 hours was the perfect amount of time.

One helpful hint: Keep extra half-and-half on hand if that happens. For the record, I used bagged shredded cheese, mixed all ingredients together, and just poured it all into the crockpot at once. This recipe is a keeper!!! Could I use smoked gouda instead of the cheddar or colby? If so, which one? Same amount? Hi Erin! I highly suggest leaving the cheddar, but you can replace the colby with smoked gouda.

The same amount. I doubled the recipe and none was left. The texture after 3 hours was absolutely perfect and the taste…. You are very gifted. Love you, Girl! Making it for dinner tonight but I am using Gluten Free noodles. Looks good! Great tutorial video! I know it can be doubled, but has there been a definite answer on how much longer it would cook? I am madly in love with this recipe! Smells amazing when it cooks.

I love, love, love it!! Thank you, Rosie! I actually heard about it on a NJ radio station. They were raving about it on the morning show and provided a link to your recipe on their website. How cool is that?! I omitted the paprika and I used Gouda instead of Colby. Not wet or soupy at all!! Thanks for the Great Recipe!! I killed it today….

Hungry for more?

I should have doubled it! Hi Linda!

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Stay tuned! This looks perfect! I was looking for an easy Mac n cheese for a luncheon at work and ran across this one. I doubled it and they only thing I did different was to put bacon cruchies from pre-cooked bacon on top after cooking. My crock pot was scraped clean in 30 minutes! Was very creamy and cheesy. I was looking for slow cooker recipes and came across this gem. This was excellent, easy and very comforting!

Who needs an oven?? Everyone loved it!!! I making this on Friday to be served Sunday afternoon.. Should i freeze it and then reheat in the oven covered Or leave it in the refrig and then put in oven Sunday? What temp in the oven and for how long? I have a question about the soup. Your recipe calls for a 15 ounce can of soup but the Campbells only comes in 10 ounces. Am I suppose to use 1. I am just making it with one can as that is what I bought. Being from the South, I love providing our congregation with good Southern cooking. They love it!

Hi Rosie, I made this for work potluck and it turned out great. I did adjust and used heavy cream instead of half and half, but I used too much butter so will need to adjust that next time. Well wish me luck I am attempting to make it again only this time I am mapmaking in roaster to feed at least 50 people!! This sounds amazing, I need to doube it for a Pot Luck dinner for a crowd. Has anyone ever tried adding smoked sausage to the recipe? Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Hi rosie I made this for work and it was amazing and a huge hit with everyone.

I want to double the recipe but how long should I cook it or should I turn it to high? Please offer your suggestions. So I measure 3 cups in a measuring cup? It just looked like more then 3 cups in the video. I meant to ask you do you stir it at all during the cooking? I look at several and yours looked the best and easiest. This was great. However I only needed to cook it for 2 hours because my crock pot cooked it a little faster.

It was sticky and really thick so I had to add more half and half but it was stiff great! This was absolutely delicious!!!!! My household loved it. Will be making this again and again. Thanks for sharing!!! I added season salt and Sharp Cheddar and Monterrey Jack cheese.

Soooooo good!!!!

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  • I made this for a work potluck. It was a hit! I doubled the recipe and it turned out great. You can use either, as far as butter. You can substitute the colby cheese with more cheddar, or try adding your favorite cheese. I want to put this in the oven. What temperature and how long to cook it? I know I have to cook the macaroni before I put it in the oven. Hi, I am going to make this for Thanksgiving for a large crowd so I was going to double the recipe. If I double the recipe should I add more cooking time?

    Dear Rosie: Your yam recipe sounded so good that I explored your website and found this. I will be making both the yams and the mac and cheese for Thanksgiving! Thanks dear heart! You are the best. Could you just note that. Definitely want to help!! Hi Rosie, just realized my hubby picked up the wrong cheeses. He got the ones that are shredded in the bag and not the block ones. Will this not work? It will still be ok though. Hmmmm then I will probably now wait to make it for Christmas because I want to make sure I get the block cheeses to do it right.

    I made this for Thanksgiving, and it was a hit! Thanks for providing a simple yet delicious mac and cheese recipe. I just tried the recipe, however it stuck to the cooker and was dry after only two hours. Taste good was to try again please help.