Clone hdd to ssd mac os x

Using the previous step, orient the new drive so that its SATA connectors will align with the enclosure's. Push the drive into the enclosure until it stops sliding and the SATA connectors are completely seated. Stretch the remaining enclosure corners over the drive so that the silicone cover encapsulates the drive.

Do I really need to upgrade my Mac hard drive?

If the new drive is not showing up, disconnect the enclosure and check if the hard drive is properly connected to the enclosure. Pressing the erase button will erase the entire contents of the drive. Make sure you have selected the new hard drive! Download and install SuperDuper! Under the Go pulldown menu, select Applications.

Disk Utility's Restore Function Lets you Create a Bootable Clone

In the method pulldown menu, select "Backup—all files". Wait for the drive to copy this could take several hours if you have a lot on your hard drive. When prompted for registration by SuperDuper! After the copy is complete, click "Ok" and quit SuperDuper!

How to Clone Mac Hard Drive to SSD

At this point, your new hard drive should be a clone of your existing drive and ready to install. However, we recommend testing the cloned drive before physically swapping the drives. This can be done by attempting to boot from the new cloned drive through the USB enclosure. Keep the enclosure connected to the computer and restart the computer.

Hold down the "option" key as it reboots until a boot option menu shows up. Remove your new hard drive from the external enclosure and install it in your computer.

Installation instructions are available for a variety of Macs. I did not complete this guide. This guide was straightforward and helpful along the way when I replaced my hard drive! My only comment is that this should be a link in the "MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Early Hard Drive Replacement" article, since the Youtube videos link to each other, but the articles do not. Thanks for all your help with these fantastic guides! Great except you extol the use of the SATA Wondercable but you don't sell it hen I followed the link to eBay, it listed dozens of various adapters.

Everything went very well with a big bonus. My older version of Photoshop does not work with the newer Mac operating systems. You will have to use something like Winclone to do that. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Clone an Existing Drive Written By: Mike and 3 other contributors.

How to Clone Mac Hard Drive to SSD - EaseUS

Difficulty Easy. Steps Time Required 3 - 4 hours. Sections 1. Clone an Existing Drive 12 steps. Flags 0. Before you restore a volume, be sure to copy any files on the destination volume that you want to save, to a different storage device or cloud account. Select the new volume indented icon and click on the 'Restore' tab.

Drag the old volume to the Source field.

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Drag the new hard drive to the 'Destination' field. Click the check box for 'Erasing destination. To do this, restart the computer and hold the 'Option' key to load the boot menu. You should see your old drive and your new drive listed as bootable drives. If you do not see the new drive, you will need to re-run the cloning process.

If you do see the new drive, click its icon. Your Mac will now boot to this drive and eventually load the user Desktop. This will verify that your hard drive has cloned successfully. You're done!

  • Use Disk Utility to Clone a Mac's Drive!
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Carbon Copy Cloner is a great tool for creating a clone or copy of your hard drive download a free trial here. Boot from your old drive by starting your computer and pressing the 'Option' key. When you see the drive listing, select the icon for your original drive. Install Carbon Copy Cloner if you have not done so already, then launch the application. Select the Source Disk your old hard drive. Select the Target Disk your new hard drive. Under 'Cloning Options' select 'Backup Everything.

Make sure your new clone works exactly like your old hard drive by booting to it as described in Step 4.