Comment restaurer son mac book pro

1. Créer une clé USB bootable pour installer OS X Yosemite

Coup double. Je mets un adaptateur M. Soit celui-ci chez Sintech: Sur les anciens OS Tidbit a pondu un tres bon article qui explique que High Sierra impose une connexion systematique au site d'Apple pour installer et mettre a jour une machine. Pas d'Internet, impossible d'installer MacOS. Seul le programme d'installation peut acceder aux update du firmware Pas possible donc de charger un firmware sur un cle USB pour l'installer sur plusieurs machines en local.

Cela semble promettre la disparition des "combo update" et va obliger a passer par le MacApp Store pour installer MacOS. Le probleme va donc se poser de maniere inquietante dans plusieurs cas ou il devient impossible de: Bref, il y a urgence de se ruer sur les versions actuelles de MacOS Si j'ai le temps je testerai C'est pourtant ce qu'il ressort de cet article et ce n'est pas la seule source a mettre en avant ces limitations majeures que va imposer MacOS Avant c'etait possible, on se faisait une cle ou un disque portable avec un systeme generique, et on pouvait depaner et mettre a jour n'importe quel Mac en bootant avec.

Guide : installer un SSD dans son MacBook

Je sais pas s'il faut parler de Windowisation ou d'iPhonisation du Mac C'est pour cela qu'il est urgent d'attendre et de recuperer les versions de MacOS Thank you all people who take time to write down their experience for others. Now, I am wondering how to get Ubuntu work on my external drive and MacBook Thanks again. Benoit, France. Thank you very much! This hint saved from reinstalling my MacBook.

Hello, Thanks a million! This is the only post I found with information that did work and made me able to boot normally, instead of having the "Waiting for root device" message, and seeing the "EFI Boot" drive when pressing Option key on boot. None of the above worked.

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My HDD is encrypted, would that be an issue? I tried I also tried Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central.

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Restore default bootloader without harming partitions Nov 20, '09 If your bootloader gets changed or corrupted, this fix will restore it without damage to your disk partitions. This hint may be a bit esoteric, but I thought I was up for a long night of reinstallation pain before stumbling upon this fix. I made the mistake of trying to use an Ubuntu 9. Don't do this, unless you know the following: Regardless of the fact that you chose the external drive upon which to install Ubuntu, you won't be able to boot back into your Mac without changing the bootloader.

I ended up with the dreaded question mark folder when I tried to reboot my Mac, and nothing worked to boot into my OS X partition. Luckily, I have a bootable external drive with OS X on it, and I was able to boot into it by holding down the Option key the primary partition still did not show up.

I started searching online for the fix, and it seems that Ubuntu changes the Darwin default bootloader to Grub on your internal disk, and OS X won't use it at least not by default.

Excel for Mac error: "The application Microsoft Excel quit unexpectedly"

The fixes listed were kludgy, and amounted to either installing another third party bootloader called "rEFIt" or completely wiping your internal drive and reinstalling OS X even a standard install won't work. Anyway, the fix turned out to be easy with Disk Utility and probably possible from the OS X boot disc.

Run Disk Utility and click on your internal hard disk the disk itself, not the partition under it. Then click on the Partition tab. If you move the triangular slider that adjusts the partition up and then back to where it was, the "Apply" button becomes active it starts greyed out.

Comment formater son MAC et réinstaller MAC OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion ?

You can now click "Apply," and the partition will be left alone, but the bootloader will be recreated. When I did this, a window popped up that said, "Are you sure you want to partition the disk? Partitioning this disk will change some of the partitions.

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No partitions will be erased. I was surprised that this worked, but when I rebooted, the computer booted straight into OS X from the internal drive.

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Aug 15, 9: If you have Mac OS X That will not remove your content, just replace the Mac OS X. Page content loaded. Aug 15, There is always a risk when installing an operating system that your content will be damaged. The safe thing to do is make a backup of the hard drive on an external hard drive. There are many good external hard drives available and several ways to make a good backup.