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I need the page number at the bottom of page one have that but at the top of the other pages. How do I do this? I have used the long method by Word: Also, "link to previous" is unchecked. But it will not allow me to or does not show page numbers from page 2 on. I attempt to "format page numbers" but nothing happens. I assume you have more than one page now. I assume you are on page 1. I assume you only have one section. You now have page numbers in your headers Check the box for "Different First Page" This makes what you just entered appear only on pages after the first one.

Go to your First Page Footer Put cursor where you want your page number on the first page. You now have a page numbers in your first page footer.

Delete a header or footer from a single page in Word for Mac - Word for Mac

You could just type "1" instead. Double-click in the document body to quit editing your headers and footers. More on headers - footers: Insertion of the typist's name as signer automatically by accessing the Author document property. Moreover, it is independent for each header and footer you have so you have to do it separately for the odd and even headers. Also, if you need a header that begins on the second page of a section, use "Different first page" as well as "Different odd and even," then omit the text in the First Page Header.

Fields in headers and footers get updated on a different schedule than do fields in the regular document. See the Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q for more on this. The styles in headers and footers are named coincidentally "header" and "footer. Since I usually use the same fonts and margins in the footer as in the header, I generally have a "header" style based on [no style] that has a negative indent of. I then modify the "footer" style to be based on the "header" style.

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If it isn't "header" or "footer" your expected entries won't be there because this control is set to work with these styles. This control is essentially an AutoTextList field and works the same way. Envelopes - Alternative Return Addresses by Graham Mayor, MVP - how to have multiple return addresses that depend on your template rather than on your computer settings. It has the best explanation of using the letter wizard with your own templates that I have seen and also has detailed instructions on inserting information from your Outlook Contacts into Word letters and other documents.

That alone is worth the price of the book. Return to Questions List. Download this FAQ in Word 97 format.

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  • This page last revised: Word further down the page. To do this, first with your template being only one page ,. Create the Header for All Pages or for Second and Subsequent Pages If you want anything to appear in the header for all pages or for the second and subsequent pages, put it in here in the window designated "Header".

    Create the Footer for All Pages or for Second and Subsequent Pages If you want something in the footer for all pages or for the second and subsequent pages, click on the "Go to Footer" button on the Header and Footer Tools tab. You can use fields to automatically put information in headers and footers The obvious fields are those for page numbers. Textboxes in headers and footers to reserve space for preprinted letterhead. Use of the StyleRef field to insert information from the body of a letter into the continuation page headers automatically. Note that either a character style or a paragraph style will work with the StyleRef field.

    The style does not have to change any formatting - it can just serve as a marker for the field. In the tutorial the styles used do have formatting functions as well -- primarily the paragraph spacing and the designation of the following style. See Styles for more on styles.


    Insertion of a date automatically that will not change when you open the document at a later date. AutoTextList field. Troubleshooting Page numbers only show up on the first page. Styles that are based on each other and use the style for following paragraph feature. The AutoText list restricted by styles for the salutation and closing. Word Tutorial on Headers and Footers.

    ARCHIVED: In Microsoft Word, how can I begin page numbering after the first page?

    Different Margins on First Page. Letterhead Textboxes and Styles tutorial by Charles Kenyon http: Template Basics by Charles Kenyon http: Word " Forms " http: Make the front page its own section. Customise the header on the first page as you desire.

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