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Now it leads again with raw data views, BLAST searching and the ability to reverse complement sequences and traces.

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The link to FinchTV is: This program has both freeware and shareware versions, and both are intuitive and easy to use. The freeware version allows you the basic options of opening, editing and printing the ABI files. The link to the freeware version is: A rich, intuitive multiple document interface with many convenient features makes alignment, manipulation and viewing of sequences relatively quick and easy on your desktop computer. Several sequence manipulation and analysis options and fully-automated links to local and WWW-based analysis programs facilitate an integrated working environment which allows you to view, align and analyze sequences from a single application with simple point-and-click operations.

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The link to BioEdit is: SeqVerter allows you to do the following:. The link to the SeqVerter stand-alone package is: TraceViewer, on its own, is available to academic users for free. If you choose to process your ABI files with Phred, you can see your basecalling quality scores displayed when using TraceViewer to open your chromatograms.

Features of TraceViewer include:. The link to TraceViewer software is: If you have received files from the PC-based , don?

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BioEdit - a free and very popular free sequence alignment editor for Windows. Has not been actively developed for several years, but still gets excellent reviews. Free demo downloads no forms , day fully functional trial. MEGA - A free tool for sequence alignment and phylogenetic tree building and analysis.

Clustal - Perhaps the most commonly used tool for multiple sequence alignments. Available with a graphical user interface ClustalX or with a command line interface ClustalW.

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MUSCLE - A newer multiple sequence alignment program that often gives better alignments that Clustal, and is substantially faster for large data sets. By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.

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What are the best softwares for DNA sequence analysis on Mac book? DNA Sequence Analysis.

All Answers 2. Carolina Cornejo. Dear Deepika. You don't say which kind of DNA sequence analysis you want to performe But I understand that you have at least "sequences".

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