Open itunes different library on mac

Use Multiple iTunes Libraries on One Computer

Multiple playlists are good when different people use the same music collection but multiple libraries are great for various devices. How-to iTunes. Jignesh Padhiyar.

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How-to Create A Different iTunes Library

What happens when our old iDevice begins to look dull, and we feel it's time to go for the new one? Most of us Read more. Ever faced a situation when you were working on a lengthy document, and you realize that you have changed so many things?

Back up and restore your iTunes Library

And now Thanks to the built-in ambient light sensor, iOS automatically adjusts the brightness of your iPhone depending on the light conditions. If you use Apple Music or iTunes Match , it's crucial that you follow the advice in the last step of signing out of your Apple ID before quitting iTunes. Both of those services are designed to sync music to all devices using the same Apple ID. That means if both iTunes libraries on the same computer are accidentally signed into the same Apple ID, they'll end up with the same music downloaded to them automatically.

How To Transfer iTunes Library To A New Computer [Tutorial]

Kind of ruins the point of having separate libraries! Share Pin Email.

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Sam Costello has been writing about tech since His writing has appeared in publications such as CNN. Updated November 25, While not only a neat lesser-known feature, it also helps you: To begin creating multiple iTunes libraries on your computer, follow these steps: No need to select anything inside the folder.

How To Use and Sync Multiple iTunes Libraries on the Same Computer

With this done, iTunes will launch using the library you've chosen. A few other things to know about managing multiple iTunes libraries on a single computer: If you have multiple iTunes libraries on your computer and don't hold down the Option or Shift button when you launch iTunes, it will open the last library used By default, all libraries are signed into whatever iTunes account was last used. Whatever parental control settings you use will apply to all libraries on the computer. To have different Restrictions settings, you'll need to use multiple user accounts on the computer.

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